Curtain lights

Curtain lights are perfect for a classic backdrop for your bridal table or as a feature wall in your garden or venue. 

2m wide x 2m tall warm white $55+gst or with organza $75+gst

2m wide x 3m tall warm white $60+gst or with organza $80+gst

Clear cable, extendable



Ever popular festoons - great in the garden swagging between trees, over your deck or in your marquee.

10m warm white, black cable $40+gst

10m warm white, white cable $40+gst

Clear bulbs, extendable


String lights

So versatile - string lights are great for defining areas, wrapping around pillars or trees. 

4m warm white $10+gst

12m warm white $25+gst

Clear or black cable, extendable. Other colours available.


Icicle lights

Great for your deck railing, stairwell  or house roofline. So pretty and delicate.

3m sections warm white $20+gst

Clear or black cable, extendable. Other colours available



A perfect addition to a set of festoons or string lights or lovely swinging in the breeze under a tree.

40cm in diameter $4+gst ea or $10.50+gst with battery lights inside.

Many colours available.

We have many more items available to hire. Please contact us for a detailed price list.